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Secure your spot on the REDDI dating app

Thank you for your submission.  We will be in touch soon if we feel we can matchmake you.


Please be mindful, that all Matchmake Me clients will also need to be community members of the REDDI app. 


You have therefore been selected to 'jump the waitlist' (currently at 4k) and access our free 1 month trial on the REDDI dating app.



Simply use the following referral code RED21M

Membership includes:

  • A visible profile on the REDDI app

  • Unlimited potential matches

  • In-depth screenings if matched with one of our REDDI MatchMake Me VIP's

  • Personalised, pre-planned dates, and feedback if matched

  • Start as a member, and when you are ready, let us know if you want to upgrade to a VIP

*Subject to acceptance 


What our members are saying

“Thanks to REDDI, I connected with someone who shares my secure attachment style as soon as I joined the app. It's refreshing to be with someone who truly understands my needs. This app has transformed my dating experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a meaningful and secure relationship."

Emily, SW4

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