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Are you REDDI for the day of love? Not if you are swiping on the wrong app...

February 14th – the day of love, or so we are told. If you’re single however, Valentine’s Day can be somewhat of a headache. With hearts and flowers everywhere, and an endless stream of social media posts with couples smugly displaying their love over fancy dinners, it can be hard to avoid dwelling upon your own love life. This can cause us to act impulsively, frantically swiping right on apps where people simply aren’t on the same page as we are (or indeed, even reading from the same book!). So, before you pick up your phone, undoubtedly the question should be: How can I find not just a Valentine, but a ‘forever Valentine’? The answer is simple - it depends on which app you choose to use.

Exclusive dating app Reddi, the first-of-its-kind app seeks to save the precious commodity of time and create open, upfront communication about its members’ intentions for the future. Reddi has a community of members who are all ready to start a family.

Finding the right person to become part of your journey is key - but it’s far from a straight-forward process. Traditional dating apps involving endless scrolling, ambiguous motives, and analysis paralysis from overwhelming choice can deprive you of your most valuable commodities: time, energy and indeed, the belief that what you hope for can ever become a reality.

Studies show that in order to give our lives satisfaction, purpose and meaning, we need to look beyond status, finances and possessions. Raising children of our own has been revealed as our key source of happiness, and is beneficial to our overall sense of purpose and wellbeing. Being part of a family provides a sense of belonging and unconditional love that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

The window of opportunity is limited biologically (for both men and women alike), yet you can spend a lifetime searching for the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ – that one person whose long-term motivations are aligned to yours. But often, if this doesn’t happen, you can feel that you need to compromise by settling for an unfulfilling relationship, repressing your true motivations, or giving up on the desire to have a family altogether.

Stacy Thomson, CEO of Reddi, comments, “I believe that the idea of ‘family’ is changing, and many people are seeking new and alternative ways to not only meet people, but how they bring a child into the world. I developed Reddi to introduce an app to people seeking the right person, who has the same, aligned motivation, understanding that all of our Reddi community want ‘family’ as part of their life journey for the future.”

The features of the app include an advanced matching and filtering system, in-app video chat and bespoke profiling. What sets this aside from its competitors is its exclusivity – in order to be accepted into the network, potential users must first apply and, if successful will then be added to a waitlist.

About the Founder

Stacy Thomson is an award-winning mental health practitioner, performance coach, speaker, trainer and consultant, who has worked alongside organisations, executives and leaders in roles within a wide range of fields. She was inspired to launch Reddi from learning, through her own personal experience that you don’t need to have an ‘all or nothing’ approach when it comes to starting a family.

Despite doing all of the ‘right’ things in the social and dating sphere – she herself had become exasperated by the paradox of choice and disillusioned by her experiences. Most of all, she regretted the time that had been wasted on not finding the right person to start a family with.

Aged 41, Stacy conceived a baby via IVF using an anonymous sperm donor. ‘This wasn’t a choice; this was a necessity.’ she explains. ‘I believe that the idea of ‘family’ is changing, and many people are seeking new and alternative ways to not only meet people, but how they bring a child into the world.’

If you'd like to apply to join the waitlist Reddi, you can do so here:


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