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Founder Blog: A long overdue REDDI update...

I know it has been a while since I updated you, and to be honest there has been so much going on behind the scenes that it’s all felt a little overwhelming to put it all into words.


So, I am going to try and address why we are moving to a more personalised approach and what that means. So, here goes.


REDDI is more than a dating app...


Over the past 2 years since I decided to build REDDI, the quickest lesson I learn’t was the absolute need to remain agile in our approach to customer needs.


Why? The dating market is notoriously saturated with most people using only a handful of well know apps (mainly owned by Match). Getting customers would be hard, and if I wanted to get investment, potentially that would be even harder. Many would say that you need them both to even pop your head above the parapet.


However, what the dating industry didn’t know, was that I am stubborn, determined, and won’t take no for an answer when it comes to saving mankind! (okay, yes that did sound dramatic - apologies).


However, one thing that has remained steadfast is my desire to change the way we date. To deliver a product which is an enabler for healthy relationships - which brings about a sense of contentment and safety.


So firstly, building attachment styles into the app was a no-brainer for me. After 25 years working in mental health, I am fully aware of the impact attachment compatibility plays in relationships - so this would be a firm stay.


Learning what you want, and balancing that out with what I think the relationships space needs is a delicate balance. More so, as a product, we are of course attempting to change how we use 'dating apps’ (if I’m honest, I don’t even see us as one - but the SEO wants a label) - that comes naturally with resistance. It’s not your fault, it’s biology, it’s science (more about that later).


As we move into 2024, our plans are clear. We will continue to evolve from being a ’typical’ dating app, and more into a more personalised ‘matchmaking’ app which offers both on and offline services.


Our open network will take centre stage, with many members gaining access to one of our matchmakers. Having already established some wonderful partnerships with many of the best global matchmaking agencies in the world, we will be continuing to develop and expand these relationships to makes sure we leave no stone unturned as we search for your match.


For those that don’t know what an open network it - every matchmaking agency usual has one. Which is normally invite only. If they have a matchmaking client, they are able to call upon this network to find a potential match. But agencies understand not everyones ‘match’ will be a member of their local open network. Which is were we come in.


For the price of 3 Starbucks coffees a week (£49.99 for 3 months, or £79.99 for 6)- we will showcase your profile to our partners, and should you be selected then we will then work with you to arrange a date. You’ll also get post date feedback. Furthermore, if you catch our eye when joining, you may even be contacted by a matchmaker directly and then showcased as part of our weekly member ’spotlight’ at no additional cost.


This offering is unique to the dating world, and is extremely aligned to our values of less is more. We really want to make matchmaking much more accessible, so whilst this is just the start of our journey, we hope you see the value to you here.


By offering this open network, alongside our own Matchmaking Agency and dating concierge service “Matchmake Me” our hope is to be able to bring something new to the dating industry. So, there will be some changes moving forward.


I will try to cover most of the short term changes below:


  1. Those of you who joined us at the MVP stage and have a free/promo account with us, will sadly no longer have access to the ‘Open Network’. You will however still have access to the app, and therefore be able to connect with other open members. To be able to access our Open Network, you will be required to upgrade your membership to 'REDDI Community'. All new members will be paid Community members moving forward.

  2. The Open Network will be for ‘Community’ paying members only. Community members will also have access to our intimate events (more about that below too!). Those app members who do not have a Community membership will still be able to attend events, but there will be an added charge to attend in addition to the event cost itself.

  3. Our app acceptance criteria will become even more selective - this is to enable us to work our very best for each of you. Our waitlist currently stands at 12,345 (as of this minute). We will now take preference for those with 'Golden Tickets' or have been referred via one of our brand ambassadors / headhunters.

  4. If you delete your account, you will sadly be removed from our database. If you want to rejoin you will need to join the waitlist - this will enable us to not favour past members and give all applicants an opportunity.

  5. Periodically it will be necessary to remove inactive accounts or those with low engagement - this will enable us make sure that our community is engaged and it is an enjoyable experience for all. If you are removed, you will also need to reapply and will rejoin the waitlist as per the above.

  6. In the coming months you will see the development of our ‘matchmaking’ aspect of the app go live. Please make sure you complete your profile, as our matchmakers will use this to showcase your profile. There will also be some addition changes to onboarding, some questions changes, and the introduction of ’The Hub’ which will host everything from quizzes, to expert guidance, podcasts, and journaling.


What about MatchMake Me?


MatchMake Me is our offline matchmaking and concierge service which went through its MVP over the summer and was a wonderful success. It was so successful it really was the catalyst to where we are now.


A offline product, aimed at those who want the luxury of selected and arranged dating. This exclusive service offers everything from finding you the perfect date, dinner or experience arranging, to coaching and image consulting.


Some people just want interesting and fun dinner companions - we’ve got that covered too.


If you are interested in any of these services, please contact our Matchmake Me team at




As mentioned, we are building out our events program this year alongside our concierge service. We kick off - with our intimate (no more than 6), none ‘datey’, dinners for those with common interests to meet, chat and discuss some of life’s big questions. You can register your interest here.


I’m looking forward to meeting some of you there.


Before I go, I wanted to tell you why I am so passionate about building this crazy matchmaking app.


For me it all started by just understanding the science.....


The Science


Most people don’t even know, but dating apps (and consumerism etc) have increased dopamine levels so significantly, that having less, even if it’s healthier for you feels disappointing - the gratification feels non-existent. So, again, we were aware that this would be another barrier to customer satisfaction and potentially retention.


You may not know, but the brains pleasure receptor (responsible for dopamine) has no inhibitor, so the more you give it, the more it wants. This of course is great for consumerism and the economy, as it means they can create new and interesting products and experiences (essential now for society to not become too depressed and anxious) for you to consume, but it is terrible for relationships and our overall wellbeing.


Technically, what I am saying is that the brain has got so used to having new things, it is never satisfied - god forbid you take anything away. Instead what we see is a society of addicts - take even current levels away and our wellbeing will decrease rapidly.


I call the happiness dopamine creates, happiness #1 and the kind of happiness created by relationships (being cared for, and having someone to care for) otherwise know as serotonin (used to treat depression) and oxytocin, happiness #2.


What do you need to know about these three chemicals? Well, as you can imagine, happiness #2 takes time, its not an instant reward, and in a world whereby we are losing the ability to tolerate such delayed gratification, such as not having what we want instantly, the brain WILL ALWAYS pick the quick fix. No one wants to wait for results. Even if it’s healthier and better in the long term.


We have given the brain so much dopamine, levels are very high.


I must issue a stark warning here - there really is no coming back from high levels of dopamine, ask any addict. It simply leads to a chronic feeling of dissatisfaction - leading us to consume more and more (this is exactly why the S curve now moves so fast - to keep up with the demand).


Changing this - is why we exist. It is so important for me to over emphasis our mission - as I know it has often been difficult for many of you to tolerate only a limited number of people each day - your brain doesn’t like it, I get it.


But if you are super intentional about changing how you date, please know we are building REDDI with a conscience and an ethical responsible to do no harm, so be assured everything we do, we do with our best intentions. This is mostly why we are making our offering personal.


When designing REDDI, we also felt that people needed some help - even with the abundance of choice on other apps, it’s simply proving harder to connect. Hence the birth of our MatchMaking service and global open network.


It’s not really about the app - but more so what goes on behind the app - and I’m so excited for everything we have planned for 2024.


There is so much more to talk about, but I’m aware I’ve gone on for wayyyyy too long already.


It is you all that will make REDDI a success - thank you for being a part of the journey.


Have a wonderful rest of your week. 


Want to join us btw? Download the app and apply now.


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