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Founder Blog: If I was Olivia Wilde, I Wouldn't Have Gone Near Harry Styles. Here's Why.

Harry Styles & Florence Pugh
Harry Styles - Don't Worry Darling

Darling, maybe you should worry. As a talented female in her own right, should Olivia Wilde have used a popstar to attract the global spotlight to her work?

When I was 35, I met a 28 year old man on a dating site. Well, I say he was 28. It turns out that, for the proceeding nine months of knowing him he actually told me a little white lie - he was actually only 22. Now, this isn't the moral of the story, but I'm wanting to give some context that I myself have indeed fallen (and actually, quite head over heels) for a younger man.

However, this isn't my point. what I want to talk about is something that everyone is thinking - and yet no one is writing about. SPOILER: It's nothing to do with age.

Let's start by adding some context here. Prior to Olivia Wilde dating Harry Styles, I, like most people will probably have had no idea who she was. However, since she blew up in the World's media for being HS's girlfriend, it has come to light that she is a feminist, and a very talented Director and Actress in her own right.

Since becoming World-famous, I have seen Olivia smile like a Cheshire cat (that's also got the cream!) whenever she is pictured with Styles, which let's face it, is hardly surprising. But who is actually the real winner here? It might be her heart, but it is most definitely not her head, or her career.

My thoughts have been no more apparent than during the recent press around their movie 'Don't Worry Darling'. Sadly, it's not received the greatest of reviews - it's a solid three star film, at best - and yet, is set to break records at the box office this year. I'm afraid to say that this is probably not because of the movie - but rather, the hundreds and thousands of One Direction and HS fans who are eager to see their fantasy boyfriend 'make out' on the big screen.

Now, I am actually a big fan of HS's music (although this last album, whilst catchy, just felt like he was talking in riddles - perhaps he was high whilst making it?). I note also that his brief cameo in 'Dunkirk' was incredibly short - yet strangely, he appeared quite significantly in the promotion of the movie. This was despite only having a couple of lines and not being a major movie star. These Directors surely know what they need to do to attract big numbers. Which takes us nicely back to Olivia.

She is currently on a press run to promote her movie and of course, she's getting lots of questions about HS alongside the movie itself. She suggests that other male Directors would not get asked such questions - but her actions and words directly contradict what has played out in front of our very eyes.

Obviously, there is lots of noise about the movie - BUT would there be such noise if HS wasn't in it? Would the movie even make it to the cinema? If of course, you're Olivia Wilde, it would be stupid to not take advantage of the situation. In fact ,casting HS was one way to make its success inevitable let's face it. BUT for a talent feminist, I truly (and believe me, I'm not trying to pull a woman down here) feel this was her greatest mistake.

Which brings me to my main statement. If I was her, and valued the opinion of other professionals in my field, and wanted to be recognised for my talent as a female leader in this space - I certainly wouldn't have let a global popstar anywhere near my movie. Whilst it is a ticket to the box office, it's not one which brings respect.

Which makes me sad. Because, while dating a younger and extremely powerful popstar may make Olivia Wilde a household name, it also feels as if she has just slept with the boss. Rather than being acknowledged and celebrated for the genuinely talented individual that she is: maybe Harry Styles is the accessory she simply doesn't need in order to shine.

So, Styles over substance? Only time will tell. I for one wish her every success in her career, regardless of her relationship's longevity - I mean love is love at the end of the day.

Don't be afraid to tell us what you think?

Till next time folks,

Stacy | REDDI


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