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Founder Blog: So what can you expect from the REDDI app?

The number of UK singles has been steadily increasing, with a staggering 19.3 million not in a relationship as of 2021, according to a report published by Statista this year.

Of course, not all of these singles will be swiping on a dating app - but many are: with a reported 600 million active users globally using dating apps in 2022.

But as we emerge from the pandemic, we have seen more and more people crave face-to-face interaction and communication. So what does that mean for Founders like me? Will firstly, it doesn't mean the end of 'typical dating sites', but it does mean that apps like REDDI - which are more than 'a dating' site' are evolving to meet the needs of the user.

For example, we are seeing more and more niche apps, but also more community-based apps like REDDI, that blend an online platform with more personal interaction than simply swiping left and right. Here at REDDI, we are creating not just connections, but a wider social network for like-minded people who are all interested in one thing - creating, merging, or joining a family.

What's key for us as a platform, is that we also want to create GREAT relationships - not just mediocre ones - as let's face it, the divorce rates are going up (and don't get me started about celibacy syndrome!). So, inevitably I guess - considering my background working in the mental health sector - building science into the platform as much as possible was a no-brainer. We are starting with values, but adding in Attachment Theory and Love Languages. But we won't be stopping there - this is just the start. With 'community' at our core - think bigger, think better; think about bringing together all of the elements that make up great relationships and great families - that is where we are going. We are more than a dating site.

So, what about the IRL (In Real Life) stuff? Well, we are starting with events - BUT if you are looking for a p*** up at a bar, whereby you can end the night getting 'laid' then I suggest you bail out now. There are many other apps to fill those needs - which are now hosting IRL events - so go fill ya boots - BUT please do it elsewhere.

REDDI events will be intimate, small, and luxurious. We will be kicking these off soon, so watch this space. These gatherings and experiences will be invitation-only, with members simply able to show their interest in attending as a way to be selected - you'll need to be on the app and active to be considered though. We will be curating these events based on values, interests, attachment styles and a range of other criteria.

I'll be telling you more as the weeks go by, but here is a little 'basic' summary of what you can expect from the app:

Our Key App Features

Values – Our core values are what guide us in our lives, therefore it is understandable to want to pair with a partner whose ideals align with our own. Shared values between partners fosters stability, reduces conflict, and helps to resolve problems when they arise. In relationships, while tastes and opinions can shift over time, a shift in values is less likely. Therefore knowing your core values will help you to recognise when another individual’s core values don’t align with your own.

Preferences / Non-Negotiables – It is important to communicate with potential connections and partners the things that you’d not only like in a relationship, but also the things you are not willing to compromise on. This can save the precious commodity of time in the long run, and prevent you from getting into relationships with people who are potentially unsuitable. These standards also follow your core values and principles, and they are essential in determining not only what you will and will not accept from others - but also what you will and will not accept from yourself.

5-Day Connection Drop – people are busy, and we know that at times it is hard to connect and chat with those you match with. We won’t let your potential ‘perfect’ date get stuck in a long line of ‘Connected’ users - so let’s pop them back in your deck of cards so that you are free to connect again. Don’t worry – we’ll also let you ‘reconnect’ with them if you want to fast track them back into your inbox.

Experience in Relationships Questionnaire – Understanding your relational style can offer you some insight into how you think, feel and act in a relationship. Our early attachment experiences form an important foundation for our later social and emotional development. Such relationship styles affect everything from our partner selection to how well our relationships progress and sadly, also how they end. Gaining such self-awareness can help us to recognise and understand our strengths and vulnerabilities in a relationship - we aim to encourage this awareness through in app education.

Introducing ‘Conversation Endings’ – we don’t believe in ghosting, so we have built a feature within the app ensuring that it never needs to happen. Say goodbye, say good luck. Be respectful. We’ll also help you out should you feel a little shy, by suggesting some ‘Conversation Starters’.

Dating in the Dark – as the world becomes more intentional, users may wish to date in the dark. This feature enables the user to blur out any prospective connections/dates, so that they are able to focus on the person beyond just their looks.

Incognito Mode – don’t want everyone seeing your profile? Don’t worry - this feature only allows those you have already liked to see your profile – therefore you're only visible to those you actually want to connect with.