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Our Founder, is a December Women in Dating Superhero....

As Featured in Women in Dating...

"In celebration of the holidays and end of the year, we knew our Superheroes needed to be extraordinary; this is why our team is so grateful Stacy Thomson agreed to join Women In Dating.

Not only is Stacy Thomson, Founder and CEO of REDDI, one of our December Superheroes, but Stacy is joining Women In Dating to assist our mission of helping others.

Stacy’s incredible career in leadership, executive coaching, mental health, and entrepreneurship are all ways we know Stacy will inspire and uplift those Women In Dating seeks to support and empower.

Stacy’s vision for the industry's future is one of mental well-being and prioritization of mental health, and as we enter into a new year, we hope this serves as inspiration for others in the space.

“As an industry, I feel the time to be socially responsible is now. Up until this point, dating apps have had very little ethical guidelines to speak of. Safety guidelines, yes - but when it comes to a duty of care and acting in a manner that aims to do no harm - contributing positively to society - this is an area where I feel we fall short. ⁠

I'm therefore also calling upon all dating app CEOs, and Founders to pledge to do business with social responsibility, so that we can all be a force for good - not only will this improve mental health outcomes but also change the lives of our current generations, and many more generations to come.” - Stacy Thomson"

To read the full article published on the Women in Dating website click here.


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