Frequently Asked Questions


Finding people who are on the same page as you when it comes to family aspirations can be an exasperating and fruitless task.  The endless dating app options inevitably lead to overwhelming dating fatigue. And when you’re truly ready for something more serious, finding someone who wants the same can feel impossible. 


REDDI is MORE than a dating app - we are a first-of-its-kind, online and offline exclusive, private members-only community for those that want children, or have them.   We are also based on science - we are the first matching app in the world based on attachment theory.

Our members all have one thing in common: they wish to find a great relationship, but to do so in the context of having a family together in the future - whether you are serious about looking for love, which hopefully leads to creating, merging, or joining a family, or you're considering co-parenting, or finding a known donor.  We are not about hook-ups, or casual dating - plenty of other dating apps out there if that is what you're into.


Our unique approach to technology, psychology, and the human touch guarantees all members are pre-approved by actual people ensuring a guarantee of no fake profiles - we keep you safe. Designed to save time – putting people in the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time.  




REDDI values well-rounded, open, and honest people.  People who are ambitious, smart, and dream big when it comes to their personal and professional lives – the kind who can make you laugh, but also think deep.  Most importantly, our members are emotionally available to take that next step in life – a step that leads to family. 

Whilst we do check your socials for authentication purposes, we really don’t care about your following, we just want you to be a decent human being who cares about others.  


Primarily REDDI is for singles looking for a great romance leading to family either now, or in the future.  We also however welcome:

  • Singles who have not been able to have their own family, wanting to join one 

  • Single parents interested in other singles/single parents

  • Singles looking to platonic co-parent with another 

  • Singles looking for/or to become a known donor 

  • Singles looking to join the surrogate community 

How to join the REDDI community 

We carefully curate our community via an application process. Our membership team considers a number of different variables when deciding if an applicant is the right fit. 


The sign-up process includes completing a brief application that requests information on your background, socials, and other personal information including your motivations to join the community.  Once you have completed the application form (which takes about 5-10 minutes) you will need to wait for approval.  


If accepted, every new member is asked to pay a membership fee*, this is to ensure everyone is joining for the right reasons. 

Some people may wait only a short time to be accepted, with others waiting longer.  We do have a loyalty programme however, issuing members with ‘Golden Tickets’ which allow their friends to ‘jump the waitlist’. 


Price | How much does it cost?

Firstly, it is worth noting that until January 2023 accepted members can use the app for absolutely free. You also will only pay the fee once you are approved as a member, so there is nothing to lose from applying. 


Come January 2023, accepted and new members will move to a subscription model, initially starting at £36 for 3 months, and there will be no part of the app that functions beyond the application that is free.  We do not offer a monthly subscription at this time. 

Is REDDI easy to join? 

No – signing up is simple, however getting approved as a member may be more difficult.  As REDDI is an exclusive app, many people many find themselves on a long waitlist.  Having friends who are already on the app that can ‘refer’ you, will most likely help your application along. 


However please, rest assured, our membership team is working all hours to thoroughly review each applicant – so you can expect to hear back within 1-2 weeks depending on the waitlist size.  

So, anyone who does wants to join, it may be worth trying to get hold of a ‘Golden Ticket’.  

How does it work? 

REDDI operates a swipe, connect, messaging system.  You can swipe to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ or click on someone’s photo to delve a little deeper into a person’s profile and swipe ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from there. If both people like each other, you can then message within the app.  Connections expire within 5 days if no one bites the bullet and messages first, and you are only shown a limited number of profiles per day.  REDDI is also planning on limiting the number of ‘chats’ you can have at any one time – with the aim of create more meaningful and purposeful interactions – reducing the paradox of choice and analysis paralysis.   

Profiles include both workplace and personal information, with a focus on values, and likes/dislikes in a relationship. You can also complete a relational questionnaire which is based on the psychological Theory of Attachment – making it the first app in the world to connect people based on such psychological influences.  

REDDI also comes armed with a number of features, with location, age, gender, and 'interested in' basic search preferences, but with a number of in-app (REDDI PLUS) premium features for members to enjoy i.e. enhance search options such as industry and salary, plus diet and lifestyle choices.  They also have some great upcoming safety features such as being able to 'Pause the App', or swipe in 'Incognito Mode'.  REDDI will also be introducing 'Pitch Black' for those members who want to look for their perfect connection without seeing what they look like – this will be a choice the member can make based on their own intentions.   


Can I see an unlimited number of members? 

We aim to foster a community which is more meaningful and intentional - our members are not here to play games when they're bored, or in need of some form of validation. With that in mind, there is a limit on the number of members you can not only see at any one time, but also connect, and chat with.  

Rules of REDDI 

REDDI members will need to follow a Community Code of Conduct, and there will be no sharing or taking screenshots, as this could result in you being suspended, or denied access to the app. Members will need to agree to a list of rules, with guidelines around REDDI's ethos of authenticity, respect, kindness, effort, and safety. 


REDDI will remove any member who is shown to not share these same community ideals.  Furthermore, we reserve the right to suspend or remove any member we feel no longer strengthens the community.  

Can I join without having a social media account? 

Technical, yes you can - but the likelihood of being approved to use REDDI without any social media presence is minimal. If you want the best chance to be approved, having an up to date and frequently active social media account is a must. 

I know an existing REDDI member.  Can they refer me? 

YES – It is actually much easier to gain membership to REDDI through a recommendation from a current member, or via a ‘Golden Ticket’.  Those who apply without a recommendation face a longer wait to be approved, compared to recommended or referred users.

Safety Tips 


Safety is our number one priority. Our Safety Tips are designed to ensure that all members of the REDDI community have a safe and enjoyable experience.  


How do I contact REDDI? 


For any other queries you can contact us at – we’d love to hear from you and are always pleased to hear your comments and feedback. 

Our REDDI Community Code of Conduct Guidelines are designed to ensure that everyone that joins the REDDI community has a safe and enjoyable experience. If you fail to comply with these guidelines, you may lose access to the app.


REDDI provides a safe space for those who are willing to put their hands up and say ‘yes, I want a family’. To ensure these experiences are positive we ask members to follow our Community Code:


Be You

All information that you add to your profile should be authentically you. Be open, honest, upfront and true to yourself.  It is okay to ask for what you want here, and we encourage you to allow those within the community to do the same. We are not advocates for filters, and we have zero tolerance for unsolicited photos.


Respect and Kindness

Know that there is a person behind the profile.  Be respectful, and simply move on if it is not a match – but do so politely.  We do not advocate ghosting, therefore have built a platform whereby that doesn’t need to happen.  Let’s all remember to say farewell and good luck.


Put in the Effort

Everyone on REDDI has joined because they are ready to take the next step in the life.  Our community don’t mind putting in a little effort because they are invested in finding that person who is on the same page.  Have intention when completing your profile, and date with purpose.  Don’t waste your own or anyone’s time.



Remember to use caution when sharing personal information and use the features within the app to stay safe. If a conversation makes you feel uncomfortable, report it, and block that person from the chat. We have zero tolerance for poor behaviour, and if a member receives more than 5 dislikes then they will be banned from the community with immediate effect.  For more safety tips, you can access them here.

You can view our Community Code of Conduct in full here.