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We believe that everyone deserves a happy and loving relationship

Choosing your life partner is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make so why leave it to chance?

At REDDI, our elite matchmaking service is finely tuned to uncover the ideal partners from our extensive database and exclusive networks, tailored just for you.


REDDI is an exclusive matchmaking service with a touch of modern sophistication. We're here to redefine your dating experience, factoring in the complexities of attachment styles. Our specialized approach combines the art of personalized introductions with the convenience of our state-of-the-art online dating app.

Our mission is to connect you with a life partner who reflects not only your values, lifestyle, and aspirations but also aligns with your unique attachment style. Whether you're securely attached or have an anxious or avoidant style, we understand the importance of finding someone who resonates with your emotional needs.

Your dedicated matchmaker, complemented by our cutting-edge online dating app, will guide you every step of the way.


We use a proprietary blend of personality profiling and intuition, ensuring your dating journey exudes confidence, vitality, and security


Together, we'll uncover the core values and attributes that matter most to you. Our extensive database and exclusive network are at your disposal, presenting a carefully curated selection of potential partners. Then, when that special connection is made, we orchestrate introductions, both offline through our matchmaking service and online through our dating app, giving you the best of both worlds.

With a seasoned matchmaking team and innovative technology at your service, we're dedicated to providing you with a seamless and enriching dating journey.  Welcome to an exclusive realm of romantic possibilities with REDDI.


Wedding Day


Join the REDDI app, and select to join our MatchMake Me global community as a passive member.  


Joining the open network provides the opportunity to be matched with a MatchMake Me private member, however this is not guaranteed. 


As a REDDI app member you will also have access to selected events, workshops, and masterclasses.


Enjoy guaranteed introductions tailored to your preferences, made possible by your personally assigned matchmaker.


Our team proactively searches for compatible matches via our own database and local networks.


Exclusive access to curated events, workshops, and masterclasses and optional psychometric, coaching, and image consultation support on request.


Bespoke Matchmaking, guided directly by our Founder and Head Matchmaker.


This exclusive service extends globally, giving you access to a world of potential matches.


Expect optional psychometric profiling, as well as continuous coaching and feedback to refine your journey, along with a thorough 2-hour introductory call to ensure we understand your unique desires.


As a MatchMake Me client you'll have access  to coaching support from one of our expert coaches.  

From fitness, to career coaching we have it covered.  Enabling you to improve your relationship mate value throughout your dating journey.

Not ready to be a MatchMake Me client?  No worries, you can still working with one of our coaches.


Our team boasts experts with extensive backgrounds in psychology, ranging from undergraduate to Master's and even PhD qualifications..


Their unmatched expertise and insights set us apart in the industry, enabling us to consistently deliver exceptional matches to our clients.


Need a little guidance when it comes to your image and wardrobe? Or, looking to dress more confidentially,, or revamp your look? 


From online coaching, to personal shopping work with one of our images consultants to achieve your goals.

We also arrange a professional photoshoot to ensure you are presenting yourself in the very best light.


  • Personalized guidance from a dedicated and experienced matchmaker to support you throughout your dating journey.

  • Access to our exclusive, private global network of high-caliber, professional and eligible singles.

  • Exclusive headhunting efforts to identify suitable matches within your local area, and further a field if required.

  • Psychometric profiling as requested to help you gain further understanding of your own personality and how you lean into relationships to not only help you find a great relationship, but also keep one.

  • All MatchMake me undergo ID checks, ensuring a safer dating experience.

  • Complete discretion, safeguarding your identity without the need for an online presence if requested.

  • A optional professional photoshoot to capture the perfect set of dating photos for presentation to prospective matches (VIP only).

  • Versatile matchmaker interviews conducted via virtual meeting platforms, providing exceptional client care and flexibility.

  • Continuous support and expert coaching to guide you through your dating journey, ensuring an exceptional dating experience at every step.

  • Image consultation if requested, and support around career, fitness, and mindset should you want to improve your overall mate value.

Not looking for an introduction service?  Check our the REDDI app instead and join our global open network

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