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Private members-only
dating app for those who want healthy 

Subscription charges apply from 1st February 2023.

The Healthy Dating Co.

Are you tired of picking the wrong people?

We hate dating apps, so that is why we made our own.  Our goal is to help those who want a healthy relationship, created through upfront, curated dating experiences.  You shouldn't waste your time, so we won't either.

Curated Community

An exclusive community of like-minded individuals, who all want to find a healthy relationship.  Our members don't want to waste time swiping on the wrong people. 


We create quality online matches - but we also help you find your ideal partner too, through 1:1 matchmaking!

IRL exclusive events

We recognise that connection sometimes needs time.  So we've created exclusive events tailored to all members.

Oh, did we tell you that we match based on science?  Attachment style, core values and love languages are our middle names!

Want to find out out your style?

Want better relationships?

Take our free attachment test

Don't forget to slide into our DM's @iam.reddi

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