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The attachment style dating app

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The Healthy Dating Co.

Got dating fatigue? Tired of 'situationships'?

Yep - us too. We invest so much time, money, and effort into our careers, so that we have the best possible chance of success, yet when it comes to our partner, we most often fall into our relationships with little thought.

Here at REDDI, we take relationships seriously. We believe that finding a meaningful connection requires more than just swiping right. That's why we're here to revolutionise the dating experience based on the science of attachment theory.

We may be new, but we're ready to shake things up. Join the REDDI community and say goodbye to wasting time on aimless dates. It's time for something different, something meaningful.


Are you REDDI?

The SCIENCE part.....  


Attachment style, core values and love languages are our middle names!

Attachment theory is the single largest predictor of relationship success - whether they are romantic, platonic or professional.  Take our free quiz and find out your style. 

Want better relationships?

Take our free attachment quiz

Curated Community

An exclusive community of like-minded individuals, who all want to find a healthy relationship.  Our members don't want to waste time swiping on the wrong people. 


We create quality online matches - but we also help you find your ideal partner too, through 1:1 matchmaking!

IRL exclusive events

We recognise that connection sometimes needs time.  So we've created exclusive events tailored to all members.
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A relationship app for meaningful connections

Match, chat and date someone with a compatible attachment style.
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Choose core values that you are looking for in a partner

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Connect with those who share your values and goals.
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Upfront, honest and real members

Join a community that is able to be open and upfront about what they are looking for, but also what they are not willing to compromise on.  
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Don't forget to slide into our DM's @iam.reddi

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