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REDDI is on the mission to disrupt the dating industry by being the first private members-only dating community on the market which uses attachment style to match members who want healthy relationships. 

Recently launched and onto our first bootstrap round, we’ve already hit the headlines. 

We believe as orchestrators of relationships, we also need to be socially responsible.  Poor mental health outcomes are going up, and we’ve seen a rise in solo mums by choice, and single lonely men.  Something is going wrong, and we want to be the thought leaders behind changing that, not just for the current generations, but many more to come.


REDDI’s guiding light, is to help people find healthy non-toxic love and family, in the most efficient and enjoyable way. We weave in some science, and intimacy creating an exclusive experience that comes to life on and off the app.

Our app is just the tip of the iceberg, and we have big dreams to create more products and experiences, both digital and in real life.


REDDI values well-rounded, open, and honest people.  People who are ambitious, smart, and dream big when it comes to their personal and professional lives – the kind who can make you laugh, but also think deep.  Most importantly, our members are emotionally available, and don’t want to mess around. 


We carefully vet every applicant to decide if they are the right fit for our community.  If accepted, every new member pays a membership fee* to ensure they're joining for the right reasons.

We notify applicants of their admission decision via push notification. 

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