My Story - Message from our Founder


As a woman, I was fortunate enough to have the option to 'go it alone', but for me, whilst it was 'a choice' - it also wasn't a choice at the same time.  For some, especially men - pathways to solo parenthood is often a much greater challenge. 


Hence, I built REDDI - where you also don't even need to shout about it - because all of our members are already on the same page, and are heading in the same direction as you. 


Everybody wants their next relationship to be the BIG one, which hopefully leads children.

Hi there, my name is Stacy, and I am the Founder of REDDI - I’d like to tell you a little something about me and my journey. 


Firstly, for me, it is important for you to know that REDDI is as much of a passion project than anything else, and it stems for my own experience. I have been on several dating apps throughout my adult life, however I always felt that I couldn't be completely honest. When I say that, it’s not that I couldn't actually say what I was looking for, but rather I felt that, in a sea of potential suitors trying to find that one person who was both a) on the same page and b) understood me because they too were also ready for the next step in their own lives, it was a little like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 


You see, casual dating can be fun. But when you are a bonafide grown up - you simply want more. But somehow, whether real or not, you are made to feel ashamed about wanting a family - as if wanting this is a bad thing. Also, if I'm honest, I also found being upfront at the start quite scary and threatening (especially when I didn't even know whether I liked them at all in those early stages!).  


I hope many of you will join us because you know that now is the right time for you.

Looking forward to helping you Find your Future.

Stacy x

If you'd like to become one of our Founding Members, please come and join us by downloading the app on iOS here.