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Join us a Global Ambassador

REDDI proudly serves an exclusive clientele with our online and offline bespoke matchmaking services. Our commitment to upholding the highest values has positioned REDDI as a leading elite matchmaking service worldwide.

In light of recent global shifts, we recognise the evolving perspectives of those who wish to find a partner towards relationships. The pandemic has sparked a profound reevaluation, emphasising the importance of meaningful connections and genuine compatibility - it is why REDDI exists.

We are embarking on an exciting journey and are currently seeking passionate individuals to join our esteemed Global Ambassadors team. As a Global Ambassador, you will play a pivotal role in sourcing exceptional individuals to complement our elite clientele.

The role of a Global Ambassador offers flexibility and opportunity. Whether you prefer to dedicate part-time efforts to headhunting specific matches or aspire to establish a sophisticated base of operations, there's room for growth and personalisation.

For the right individual, becoming a Global Ambassador with REDDI can be the most rewarding and fulfilling career imaginable. 

If you are self-motivated, well-connected, and comfortable mingling with high-end successful individuals, we invite you to explore this exciting opportunity. Contact us today by completing the form below or emailing Abigail Hewitson at to learn more.

Become a part of REDDI's legacy as we redefine the art of matchmaking in a rapidly changing world.

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