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Loving Couple

The Attachment Style Quiz

Take our free quiz and find out your Attachment style

Your Attachment style forms early in life, and is based upon the feelings you experienced as a small child – namely, to what degree you felt safe, understood, seen, and loved.  


Your Attachment style influences how you connect with your partner and shapes your behaviour within a relationship. In fact, it can have a profound impact on the overall success of your love life - but do you know your Attachment style? Find the answer, and, in turn, let us help you to understand your own compatibility with potential matches. 


First step?  Take this quick quiz and learn whether your primary attachment style is either secure, anxious or avoidant. 

Once you have the answer, pop on to your profile in the REDDI app and add it to your profile, just as you would your salary or education.  Then let us do all the hard work for you.... 

...don't worry, we never tell anyone your style, we simply use enhanced algorithm filtering to only match you with compatible attachment styles.  

How's that for intelligent dating.....

The 3 Attachment Styles


You are naturally warm and loving in relationships.  You tend to be the ‘rock’ within a relationship. Generally self-aware and emotionally available, you are confident in your relationship abilities and are well grounded  – you communicate your needs and feelings well.  

Find out your style and start dating more intelligently...

Learn about Attachment styles...

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