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Is Anyone Ever Really Ready for Parenthood? 3 Reasons Why You're More Prepared Than You Think

Family Matters: Is anyone ever really ready for parenthood? You may be more prepared than you think.

It’s an age-old question that many people have probably asked themselves at least once in their lives – "Am I truly ready to start a family?"

And while the answer may be as multilayered as the many people who ponder the question, the reality is, at some point, most individuals desire to have a family, whether they feel they are ready for one or not, even given the wide range of factors to be considered.

What’s more, the inclination to create a family can oftentimes be misconstrued with the ability to financially care for one. Of course, no one would ever suggest to go full steam ahead with family planning if your current circumstances are not even conducive to taking care of yourself or your affairs properly.

However, with so many opportunities for people to better themselves economically and emotionally, most are experiencing vastly better outcomes concerning their mental and financial health, which will aptly lend itself for taking that next step. But for the eternal skeptic, let’s shed some light on why you’re more prepared for parenthood than you originally thought.

1) There Will Never be a Perfect Time

Even though there may be more appropriate moments in life to start having children, there will never be a perfect time. In fact, one could arguably make a case every year for not being ready due to a myriad of factors. In addition, life will always be filled with obstacles and challenges to overcome. Instead of compartmentalizing your situation, zoom out and take a wider look at your overall circumstances and positioning. Chances are you’re in a better position now to consider your life with children in it.

2) Your Partner is Fully Invested

One of the most important aspects of starting a family is having a significant other who shares your desire to venture into the unchartered territory of parenthood. The excitement and anticipation of family planning is much more meaningful when you have the support of a loving partner who’s fully onboard with the decision. After all, an essential component of being a couple is to consider your partner’s vision for the future as well as your own.

3) The Desire is Intense

If you were to poll the majority of single people searching for their perfect match, most would admit that getting married and having children is at the top of their priority list of aspirations. Think about it - how many times have you seen interviews with highly public and successful figures who proudly state that building a family has been their greatest achievement in life? People were never meant to navigate their way through life alone, so it is an innate sensibility to strongly want to build a legacy and carry generations forward.


Whether the desire to have a family precedes the capability of having one or vice versa, our modern era has given all of us limitless opportunities to reach our maximum potential and achieve our goals. And here at “Reddi,” we want our members to pursue what’s really important to them – marriage and children. We’re not the typical dating app. Our aim is to help people achieve what matters most in life, which is to create the family they’ve always dreamed of. Join our waitlist at


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