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Do Opposites Attract? Five Benefits of Dating Someone Different to You on 'National Opposite Day'

National Opposite Day is the perfect excuse to practice 'Open Casting' - to cast your dating net a little wider and consider partners outside of your 'usual type'.

Observed on January 25th, National Opposite Day is a perfect opportunity for both children and adults to play around and shake off the winter blues. It’s also a great day to spend time thinking outside of the box and doing things that things that you wouldn’t normally do. But how can this benefit us when it comes to dating?

When browsing profiles on a dating app, most people have a good idea of who may or may not be their ‘type’. To know the kind of person you want a relationship with in general – without compromising on the specific qualities and values that are your deal breakers – can be very useful.

But sometimes you can become so focused on perceived ideals that you can end up missing out on some great prospective partners. That’s where ‘Open Casting’ dating comes into play.

The ‘Open Casting’ Dating Trend

This is a key new dating trend set to be a major hit with single people looking for love in 2023. It’s all about being much more flexible or ‘open’ when it comes to superficial dating standards and instead, embracing the idea of going out with people you would never have given the time of day to previously.

This doesn't mean lowering your standards, and going out with someone you have nothing in common with, and whose lifestyle is in direct opposition to yours will rarely work. it's also important to ensure that your long term goals are aligned.

But as the old saying goes - ‘opposites attract’ - so here are some benefits to dating someone different to you.

1. You will complement one another

Let's say your personality is naturally calm, while your partner tends to be more highly-strung. It might seem as if this difference could be a bad thing, or lead to a lot of misunderstandings. And yet, bringing such drastically different traits into the relationship can actually be a good thing.

Two different personalities can bring a great sense of balance that can help to keep your relationship stable. For example, if your partner has a tendency to feel overwhelmed or stressed, you can add your calmer vibes and help them to see things differently. And they can do the similar things for you, leading to a sense of overall stability.

2. It can help you find balance

Similarly, you may notice that you balance each other out. And that's because when you combine opposite traits, you'll naturally help each other move closer to the middle; If you're truly polar opposites, you might learn to settle somewhere in between.

Your partner can help you see things from a fresh perspective and you'll also view the world in a fresh, new light - which is usually positive, as you become generally more open to and accepting of change.

3. You’ll step out of your comfort zone

It's possible that dating someone different than you might literally help you to face some of your fears. So, if up until now you held the narrative of being someone who isn't very 'outdoorsy' - but your partner grew up with a love of hiking in the mountains - you might discover a love for it too, as it's part of their identity.

Similarly, someone with a silly sense of humour might gently encourage you to relax and connect with a side of you that's less serious if you usually have a more sensible and rigid demeanor, helping you to embrace your inner child.

Sometimes as people we think our way of doing things is the only way. But when you date someone who has a different mindset tp yours - it helps you learn and grow while navigating life through a different lens. And this can be applied to how they resolve arguments, to how they interact with others, and even how they manage their time.

4. You'll Learn How To Compromise

While dating your opposite can be fun, it can also be confusing - at least at first. But if you look for the underlying lessons you're both learning, you may start to feel like the difficult stuff - which comes through the discovery process - is actually well worth it.

For example, dating your opposite will help stretch your compromise muscle, because it's hard work to to honour both of your needs and preferences within the relationship.

But learning how to compromise will not only be good for you as a couple; it's a skill that can benefit other areas of your life - home, work, parenting to name just a few - making you a more understanding person overall.

5. It Can Help Keep the Spark Alive

When you date someone who thinks exactly the way that you do, it doesn't always lead to the most exhilarating interactions. But when you date someone who thinks differently you will always be on a journey to learn about your partner and appreciate the new dynamic they bring to the relationship.

And that can certainly help keep the spark alive, if you both use it to your advantage. After all, opposites tend to attract due to the mystery and the intrigue - which definitely keep things fun!

So National Opposite Day may be just the excuse you need to cast your dating net a little wider – what do you have to lose by switching things up and giving Open Casting a try?

This dating trend can help you see beyond the tunnel vision and find people that can bring positive dynamics to your life, as well as open up your pool of potential dates in general.

It’s not about dating someone who’s the total opposite of what you like - or seeking out someone who you don’t feel attracted to; it’s actually about meeting new kinds of people and being open-minded about what other people can bring you even when they aren’t your type.

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