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Our Favourite New Dating Trends for 2023 - Open Casting, Wanderlove & 'The Cuffed Life'

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Dating Trends for 2023

2023 will prompt us to find more balance, be braver and shake up our old dating habits

As we recovered from the epidemic, the past two years have taught us many things about what we truly want, and the best ways to express our preferences and boundaries when it comes to dating.

With dating trends such as Hardballing, Fast-Forwarding and 'Exploridating', 2022 has very much been the year of rediscovery, prompting us to become more self-aware and question any unhealthy habits that we may have adopted - allowing us to press the 'Reset' button for the benefit of our long term happiness.

This New Year, it's time to ditch the phrase "Just Not My Type..." Now, single people are challenging the status quo and taking control of defining what a healthy, fulfilling and well-balanced relationship means for them. Here's why we think that these two new dating trends in particular are worth embracing when it comes to prompting significant changes in your love life.

Open Casting: 'Tall, dark & handsome' is so last year...

It's the opposite of type-casting and we love it!

Indeed, 'Open Casting' refers to how more than one in three people around the World are now more open to considering dating beyond 'their type'. Meanwhile, more than 28% of us are placing less emphasis on dating people others 'expect' them to.

This is our call to be braver, and admit that some of our self-imposed restrictions (or the limitations that our friends and loved ones place on us) may no longer be serving us.

Which ever dating app you choose, you should of course, still remain true to your values. But have you ever sat down and written a list of your negotiable versus non-negotiable needs? If not, this may be worth considering. For starters, it will unearth the values you feel are most important in a future partner but it will also shine a light on those traits that may edge on the side of superficiality. (try Reddi's attachment style-based dating for a headstart here)

Self-awareness when it comes to dating is key. As difficult as it may be, acknowledging the role you may be playing of the demise of your relationship opportunities is crucial. Maybe you won't even consider speaking with a guy because he's 5ft 7, and you have narrowed your search to men who are 5ft 8 and above. Ask yourself how important details such as this truly are, when it comes to the bigger picture, and your long term plans for the future.

And that's why 'Open Casting' is such a great dating trend. it's about not getting too attached to what you perceive to be your dream partner - but also giving other people a chance.

Wanderlove: Casting your net even wider

The word 'Wanderlust' is defined as 'A strong longing for or impulse toward wandering', and the derived 'Wanderlove' refers to people who are open to the idea of dating someone long-distance, whether that means a little further across the country or across the globe.

Indeed, it is thought that 33% of us would be open to the notion of looking further afield when it comes to romance – which is also combined with our love of new experiences and travel.

And if the past few years have taught us anything, it's that language and culture barriers don't stand in the way of two people having a real connection. Online 'dates' via Zoom and a huge surge in the efficiency of online communications never mind virtual reality are just part of what can help to get longer distance relationships started and to help them to thrive.

The world is a different place now and that's being reflected in how people date: people are even consciously seeking out relationships of this kind, where they feel they can maintain their boundaries.

So, if you find that your are running out of matches all too soon, have exhausted the list of singles in your specified area, or you just want something new - 'Wanderlove' may be something worth considering: to challenge you in ways that your own town, city or culture just can't.

Who knows when the next pandemic might hit (seriously, even experts can't predict it...) so you might as well live and love in the now and have an adventure while you're at it!

'The Cuffed Life': For those who want a partner for life

Love is not seasonal - so why should our happiness be? We understand that as the weather starts to turn cooler, people may start seeking relationships to get them through those upcoming long, chilly nights - and we love to encourage our community to take brave, bold steps into the next phases of their lives.

But as there are undeniable pros and cons, it's vital for us to treat our search for love with the seriousness that it deserves - with long term success in mind - regardless of the season.

Finding someone to 'cuff' with for a mere season, only for our enthusiasm and attention to fade come Valentine's Day is in fact the opposite of our what we strive to achieve as a new dating platform.

At REDDI, we want to help our members to find a partner with whom they can be happily 'cuffed' to - for life. That may not always involve marriage, but what it does mean is the matching of two individuals who have respect, acceptance, companionship and compatibility in abundance, where they can agree from the offset about their goals, and build an authentic, lasting relationship with one another.

An overwhelming 70% per cent of people say that they feel positive about the romantic future that lies ahead for them, and with new trends like this which focus on change, growth, adventure and self-awareness, we should be optimistic about dating in 2023 and the fresh possibilities it brings.

Our team at REDDI wish you all the best for 2023, and encourage you to continue to grow, learn, adapt and evolve with future relationships success at the forefront of your minds. Good luck!

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