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Do Soulmates Exist? 3 Ways to Better Your Odds of Finding 'The One'

Do soulmates exist? And if so, can they ever be found? Here are 3 ways to better your odds of finding ‘the one’ by narrowing the search.

The modern dating environment can be rather arduous to navigate, and this can become harder still, when finding that one person from a pool of 7 billion also needs to have long term goals that are in line with your own – namely, someone who is also ready to settle down and have a family.

There’s proof that society is starting to give up on the myth of finding that one special person – and yet, the notion of a perfect soul mate is irresistibly alluring to most of us. Indeed, a recent study shows that as many as 75% of people believe that their soul mate exists out there somewhere. It’s no wonder then, that we still go to excessive lengths to search with remarkable ambition, and even try to calculate the odds of finding that special someone.The hunt for the person you’re apparently meant to be with can often take you through a labyrinth of colossal proportions – and just when you think you’ve made it out successfully, you end up right back where you began. So, given how taxing ‘soulmate roulette’ can be, how does one properly go about finding their person without succumbing to the false starts and constant let downs?

Here are three ways that can make connecting with a potential mate a whole lot easier.

1.) Take Action - Without Hesitation

When you reach the stage in your life where you decide that it’s the right time to find the right partner, then you have to take responsibility - go out and create it for yourself. Are you open to dating and committed to doing your research on where to find the right people? Are you willing to be open and take down your guard? Vulnerability is a huge step, but a necessary one if you want to find a special, unique connection.

Remember that this is not a game; it is your life and you need to be taking it seriously. Dating is about but building trust with someone and experiencing joy and often, romance. It is not just about ‘hanging out’, text exchanges, or dressing up to go out for dinner. The process

of dating means that you have to take risks; real emotional risks that require you to let go of the past and be present in your own life and a relationship.

If you believe in the law of attraction, you will also understand that a key component of getting what you want is becoming that which you desire. So, for example, if your preference is to meet someone good-natured with a fun sense of humour, your chances of attracting such a person will be much greater if you mirror those traits. Many of us want to find the perfect partner, but make no effort to be the perfect partner when looking for a potential match.

2) Keep An Open Mind

Inflexibility and an endless list of ‘non negotiables’ can sometimes get in the way of beautiful (if sometimes surprising) possibilities. Of course, there are some factors which you should not be expected to compromise on; your core values, long-term goals, and moral compass – which, if not aligned could significantly prevent relationships from evolving beyond a first date. But don’t let unrealistic expectations become the difference between you finding a loving and compatible partner and remaining in the vicious cycle of dating for the unforeseeable future.

So, try giving that person who shares your values and vision for the future a chance. Trust your gut instinct over a list of preferred characteristics – many of which you may have been carrying around with you for a lifetime, due to a family narrative or pressure from your peers. Maybe it’s time to give that person who’s an inch and half shorter than your liking a chance? You may be surprised - delighted, even - for all of the right reasons.

3) Cast Your Net in the Right Pool

One thing that technology has afforded our culture is the boundless access to people who we wouldn’t have otherwise crossed paths. The vast majority of matchmaking is done on mobile devices, with over 323 million people worldwide now using dating apps. Therefore, singles have simply got to put themselves out there if they want to maximise their chances of being found. (Remember that your soulmate might be searching for you, too!)

You have to put in the effort and approach meeting your soulmate with the same fervor and drive you give to your career or passions. So, ask yourself how you would usually approach your other life goals, and apply the same to dating. This can involve letting everyone in your family or social circle know your intentions - they may know somebody who knows somebody, and word-of-mouth can be very powerful. Go to events associated with your profession and interests, like seminars, workshops, and meet-ups. And do give dating apps a try - especially those which reflect your values, and where other users will be searching for people where intentions are aligned.

Technology is there to aid you in your search for the Holy Grail, but it’s also vital to place yourself on the right dating platforms in order to find what you’re looking for. Choose quality over quantity when selecting the app that’s right for you, and whose values reflect your goals for the future.

In conclusion, it can be soul-destroying to find that you have wasted so much of your precious time and energy wading through a sea of people who don’t even have the potential to be ‘another one’ – let alone ‘the one’. But the tech world is evolving, and is starting to understand the challenges that single people face. As significantly, society has begun to acknowledge how wasting time can play havoc with long term aspirations. That’s why, at REDDI, we value your time, as well as your proclivity, for finding that person who ultimately wants what you want; open honest, conversations, and a special connection that will lead to the creation of a family.

It shouldn’t be so complicated, so we’ve made it simple: We provide an exclusive, membership based community for people who are ready to start a family. We’re revolutionising the way you find your future. Join our waitlist at and come see for yourself.


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